Welcome to Lakeshore High School's
Countywide Dance Program!

Berrien County Dancers is part of the Career and Technical Education Consortium in Berrien County.

The mission of our dance program is to help students become confident, disciplined, respectful, self-loving young adults, and to empower them to recognize and reach their utmost potential. Our classroom environment is both nurturing and demanding; a home where there is room for love and growth with the highest expectations for effort, discipline, and respect. Students will be assisted in recognizing their talents and guided through their obstacles so that they may reach their fullest potential.

-Mrs. Graziano, Artistic Director

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Tech Week May 5-May 10
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Community Update
Auditions for the 2014-2015 school year are complete. Please call Mrs. Graziano if you missed auditions. Some levels may be closed and filled already.
Century Resources Fundraiser kicks off September 27!
All funds will go towards our Giordano Dance Chicago Project. Please help support us by going to the Century Resources website and placing an order. Our group ID is 3860.
Community Performances in Spring 2014
Our Concert Events for the Year at Lakeshore Community Auditorium, 7:00pm:
BCD opens show for Giordano Dance Chicago, March 22
BCD Spring Concert, May 9 & 10 
In the Course of a Year...

Throughout the school year we base our primary focus on modern dance technique, but we also spend time learning techniques of jazz and ballet. Students will learn about elements of composition and are offered opportunities throughout the year to choreograph their own works. Students that audition their ideas for choreography have the chance to feature their work in our Winter or Spring Dance Concert. Outside of learning student choreography, BCD members also learn repertoire from Mrs. Graziano and outside professionals. Throughout the years our students have worked with distinguished dance professionals such as Nan Giordano, Giordano Dance Chicago, Randy Duncan, Jon Lehrer, LehrerDance, Frank Chavez, Laurie Eisenhower and, Eisenhower Dance Ensemble,  Mari Jo Irbe, Sarita Smith Childs, Winifred Haun, Lisa Catrett-Belrose, Jennifer Archibald,  Autumn Eckman, Taryn Kaschock Russell, Hubbard Street 2, Adam Houston.